Precast Concrete Panel Transport
Concrete panel transport on the back of a truck.

Precast Concrete Panel Transport

We transport panels on their edge which means they are much less likely to crack or flex and there is a real cost advantage as generally you require fewer load pilots than when carrying panels flat.  Using our 6 trailers, we are able to transport a diverse range of panels, while adhering to a set delivery schedule.  Our experienced operators know the best routes for over-height panels transported on edge, or for wide panels transported flat.  Crane trucks can also be used for placement of panels, or to assist in the rotation of panels on site.

We offer a comprehensive logistics service for precast concrete including:

  • Sound transport advice during the design and tender phase of a project.
  • Planning and scheduling of loads for delivery with consideration to size, shape and weight.
  • Communication of a delivery schedule in advance for approval by clients and site contractors.
  • A web based dispatching system visible to customers.
  • Continuous delivery to site with the potential use of 6 x Tractor Unit and Trailer combinations.
  • Best industry practice transport methods with regards to product care and health and safety.