Health & Safety

The safety and health of our workers is essential to our business. Mackleys has a comprehensive Workplace Health and Safety System, which is implemented across all its operations.  The company is committed to preventing harm and ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all its employees, visitors and the public. Workplace health and safety is firmly integrated into Mackleys policies and practices.

Collaborative solutions:

Changes to health and safety (H&S) laws came into effect from 4 April 2016. The aim of the law is to reduce the number of New Zealanders killed or hurt at work. In New Zealand, 73 people, on average,  die on the job each year and one in ten is harmed.

Ensuring a safe work environment is the responsibility of every Mackleys employee.

Mackleys has always approached work tasks with a high level of H&S compliance, making H&S one of the top priorities and goals of the organisation. On the face of the law change, Mackleys developed a strategic plan to become an industry leader in the H&S sector.

Ahead of the law change, Mackleys took the opportunity to review and, if needed, revise how we manage any critical risks – those that could cause illness or injury serious enough to keep someone off work.

The results:

Mackleys have achieved ACC level 2 Accreditation Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP).

ACC Level 2 Certificate 1 June 2016

In addition to achieving the ACC Level 2 Accreditation, Mackleys has obtained all of the below which is readily available to customers/clients;

  • Working at Heights
  • NZQA Qualification (Crane Truck Operators) Unit standard 16617
  • Orion Close Approach Permits
  • Crane Certification (Complete Fleet)
  • NZQA Load Restraint Course
  • PPE Compliant Uniform
  • SOPs
  • Certified Equipment (e.g chain certification, lifting gear)
  • Real Time GPS Tracking & Customised reporting from Geofencing
  • Electronic Logbook
  • Active Fleet Replacement Programme

We are also able to provide the below services;

  • Job Safety Observations
  • JSAs (Lift Plan)
  • Site Inspections
  • Geofencing Alerts (entry & exit) available to clients
  • Ability to provide instant information regarding trucks and drivers

Mackleys’ vision is to be industry leading in its health and safety systems. Mackleys has invested in a health and safety programme for both the company and staff. The new approach focuses on raising awareness and has everyone thinking about safety before they get on the job. The health and safety committee, which involves a combination of both management and drivers, focuses on initiatives to improve efficiency and safety benefits.

Mackleys have covered every base in regards to health and safety to ensure they have their customers covered. Improved health and safety systems have additional costs, but we feel it is an invaluable investment for both the company and our customers.

There’s heightened awareness of health and safety issues in the industry, and the team at Mackleys is taking it very seriously. We feel this gives our customers the confidence in Mackleys to be able to solve their logistics problems and not cause them.

As Health & Safety is the biggest issue affecting the construction industry at the moment, we feel our level of compliance provides us with a competitive advantage. Through recognising and eliminating risk within various scenarios, we provide our customers with complete confidence. We’re happy to provide clarity in regards to the qualifications and certifications we’ve obtained in relation to any particular job.