The Right Tool for the Job10 Feb 2016

It’s always difficult to know exactly what your next construction site is going to look like. Whether it will be on the side of a hill, squashed between two buildings in central Christchurch or jammed right beside a busy road. It’s not always easy to manoeuvre heavy equipment or machinery around these spaces safely and efficiently. Booking a crane truck can ease some of the headaches associated with tricky jobs and end up saving you time and money. 

Hiab crane trucks can easily travel across the wider Canterbury region and are able to transport heavy objects between sites. Things like construction equipment and building components are commonly manoeuvred around Christchurch’s many building sites. Booking Mackley's hiab crane trucks ends up saving a lot of time and hassle, as you can focus on what needs to be done on site, while the team at Mackleys deal with the logistics of getting your equipment where it needs to be. 

Shifting heavy equipment and machinery around a site can be a tricky and dangerous task. Having access to lifting equipment that is the right size for the job is essential in managing risk assessment, and getting the task completed. Crane trucks are able to lift huge weights and are available in a range of sizes; at Mackleys we’ve got a big fleet to ensure there’s always one to fit your needs. Matching the right size hiab to the size of the job means that you can manoeuvre around tricky obstacles or into tight spaces without a problem. 

With the recent change in Health and Safety regulations, booking a crane truck can take the pressure off, as you can be sure that qualified operators are managing the safety at your construction site.