Steel transport for CPB Contractors Hospital Project17 May 2016

In January 2016 CPB Contracting began work on the 62,000 square metre Acute Services Building at Christchurch Hospital. The Acute Services Building will adjoin Christchurch Women’s Hospital when completed in mid 2018.

Mackleys was required to uplift 6,000 tonne of fabricated steel, intended for construction of the new Acute Services Building. The steel needed to be collected from Lyttelton Port of Christchurch and transported to the designated laydown area for MPI inspection. Once the steel had completed inspection, we were then required to transport the steel to the hospital site as required by the erection team.

NZ Ship (a divison of Mackleys) was appointed ships agent by the vessels owners. The ships agent is responsible for the interaction between the ships owners, port and client (CPB Contractors).

Traditionally fabricated steel originates from works in the city of which the project is constructed. However, on this occasion the client was able to achieve significant project benefits by sourcing the product offshore. This provided some new challenges which we were able to help the client overcome, by collaborating closely with C3 Stevedores, SB Logistics, CPB Contractors, and Fitzroy Engineering.

This project required the 6,000 tone of fabricated steel to be moved via charter vessels across 5 separate shipments. Mackleys was sourced by SB Logistics due to our expertise in steel handling & transportation. The first shipment contained 1,200 tonne of beams and joining “nodes”. The 1,200 tonne was required to be carted from the wharf (Lyttelton Port of Christchurch) to the laydown area within 5 working days to avoid storage costs (demurrage).

We worked closely with Fitzroy Engineering to achieve this without swamping the laydown operation. We consulted directly with the senior project manager and logistics managers to source the appropriate material equipment and delivery frequency to achieve everyone’s goals.


Collaborative solutions

We attended a pre start meeting with CPB Contractors, Fitzroy Engineering and SB Logistics to understand the initial requirements for transportation of 1,200 tonne of steel from the port. This meeting ensured all parties had an aligned vision of what was required.

Once the project was underway, Mackleys frequently met with Fitzroy Engineering to ensure a smooth acceptance of the steel into the intended transitional facitlity.

We also worked closely with Fitzroy to develop a cost effective logistics solution for the transportation of the steel Ex ATF & handling of the steel on the hospital site.

Rather than using the traditional method of time based charging, we developed a unique solution that took into account the cost model that Fitzroy were operating under. By understanding the clients requirements we were able to come up with a solution that eliminated wasted chargeable time, resulting in a positive outcome for both parties.


The results

Overall, Mackleys orchestrated a solution to oversee all of the logistics stages of the importation and cartage of steel shipments arriving into Lyttelton, through to their arrival at the intended destination.

By working closely with the contracted companies we were able to develop the most economical, Health and Safety compliant solution, and make life easy for the customer.


Fleet & Equipment used

  • 40’ Flatdeck units
  • Forklift
  • 1 x allocated driver, full time (6 days per week)
  • Crane trucks as required



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