Customer notice - container operations7 Dec 2021

As you will be aware over the past 24 months significant pressure has been building in the global supply chain. Fortunately, Christchurch has been largely unaffected by the associated disruptions until very recently. Due to record import volumes resulting from importers reactions to supply chain disruption and the Xmas rush, Lyttelton container terminal have advised us that they are experiencing significant delays to all operations including restrictions on movements at LPC City empty container depot (due to reaching maximum capacity).

LPC have made several requests (clearing stacks and tops of rows) to help alleviate the congestion. However, this means that many containers are being delayed and face potential detention and demurrage costs. Consequently, Mackleys wishes to advise all of our valued clients, that no demurrage or detention charges will be accepted by Mackleys on consignments received after this notice (18/11/2021).

VBS slots at LPC Container Terminal and LPC city empty depot for uplift and dehire are at a premium and allocations are currently well under those need to facilitate the volumes currently arriving and departing the port.

To help us alleviate some of the issues please ensure the following:

  • Seek extensions from the shipping lines for container detention and advise the free day status
  • Monitor the last free detention day on import containers and ensure containers are devanned and notified for pick up 48hours prior to last free day
  • Confirm all container releases (for exports) are active and both the shipping line and the container park can confirm supply before confirming with us.
  • All container activity is pre booked with all the correct documentation with a minimum 3 days prior to the vessel arriving.
  • Container dehire points are supplied at the time of the job booking.

Rest assured the Mackleys team is working extremely hard to minimize any potential charges with regular contact with ports and container depots, however with the supply chain continuing to experience extremely high volumes, it is inevitable that there will be charges incurred if extensions are not requested.

The Mackleys Team appreciate your understanding at this time.